The GCHH  Veterans Outreach Program specifically targets addiction, depression, PTSD, and homelessness for Veterans we come into contact with through our Peer-to-Peer Mentorship and Outreach. These programs are currently under development and fundraising efforts are underway.  We are also initiating a program to provide transitional housing for homeless veterans and their families. These programs are being funded by the GCHH raffles currently underway. For more information about our Veterans’ Services and one-on-one mentoring, please contact us.


Many Veterans that we come in contact with have lost their way. The common denominator with anyone who has served in uniform anywhere is the concept of honor. “Duty above all else, except Honor” is a phrase that many are familiar with. The men and women who have served our country continue to have chronic issues that we as community stake holders have a moral and ethical obligation to be concerned about. One way that we have found we can help Veterans remember who they are to us is to honor them in a meaningful way from longstanding military traditions. One of these traditions is the gifting of a Challenge Coin. A Challenge Coin is a way of identifying a special unit, operation, or achievement in any of the military branches. The ritual of handing over a Challenge Coin by way of a handshake to a Veteran is one way we help them to restore their sense of honor and thank them for their service. To learn more about our Challenge Coins or how to acquire them to give as a gift to a Veteran please contact us.