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The Triple Crown (TC) includes the three longest trails in the United States: The Appalachian Trail (2,192 miles), the Pacific Crest Trail (2,653.1 miles), and the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles … Mileage is based upon data received from consultants and conservancy groups). Since 1994, the ALDHA-West has recognized less than 400 individuals as “Triple Crowners,” for completing each of these trails in their entirety. Of this small group of people, less than a dozen are reported to have completed them all in one year. To put in perspective the significance of this accomplishment, more people have been to the moon than completed the TC within in one calendar year. The best-case mileage goals were originally 252 days of hiking an average of 30 miles per day equaling 7,700 miles. Weather and other factors will likely result in “sectioning”, which is hiking areas of different trails until conditions improve on the original trail being hiked. The “I Hike With Mike” project will come in at under 365 days which creates greater safety and flexibility regarding daily mileage goals, pack weights, and the ability to participate in promotional events throughout the year.


Michael (Mike) Fagan is a 71-year-old Health Food Store owner. He is an expert in fitness, wellness, nutrition, supplements, and most health related fields. He has hiked all over the world in the harshest environments and is quite adept at most athletic endeavors. Mike Fagan’s store, Montana Harvest Natural Foods in Billings, MT, and the store’s local radio show, “Let’s Stay Healthy” on News Talk 730 supports healthy eating and activities while focusing on the education of its customers rather than just selling them products.



GCHH has taken on the responsibility to cover and track a live feed of Mike’s progress. These capabilities were brought to us by Globalstar who provided the Spot Gen 3 device that Mike wears on his backpack. Click here or on the button to the right to see where he is right now!



The Triple Crown Trail Project is one hiker achieving a monumental goal, but it is also much more. This project truly embodies the paradigm that age is just a number, and that aging can be just another part of the way we manage our health. Michael Fagan will complete the Triple Crown Trail Project in one calendar year at 71 years of age. The intention of this project is to involve as many 50+ year old individuals as possible in the support and successful completion of this mission. One person hiking the Triple Crown can inspire thousands. One person hiking the Triple Crown with the support and active participation of others in their age group creates the opportunity to inspire millions. Gold Canyon Heart and Home (GCHH), an Arizona 501c3 Non- Profit organization is sponsoring this project for Michael Fagan as part of its Senior Outreach and Support Initiatives.


The entire vision of this project revolves around senior participation. It’s about creating greater awareness that age is only a number, and that number equals experience and talent across literally every career, skill-set or hobby. Many Hikers, Private Pilots, Drone Enthusiasts, Medical and other Professionals from every industry are 50+ years old. Our mission is to involve as many of them as possible to be a part of this adventure.


It is this projects intention to reach out to the local media in every community along all three of the trails. We believe that this is the best way to involve the community and give any prospective volunteers adequate time to prepare for the opportunity to hike along with Michael Fagan and possibly add any of their own stories, perspectives and video footage they may be willing to provide to this project during the hike. We are hoping for many 50+ year old participants, but all are welcome to hike along with Mike as far as they choose. After all, the trails are open to every American.


Press Releases and requests for interviews will be handled by GCHH. Please contact If you are interested in volunteering in our event your help his greatly appreciated! Please fill out our online volunteer application by clicking here.

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