Every gift you make strengthens your community.

Around 80% of our funding comes from people like you. All donations are tax-deductible and support our charitable programs.  If you wish to send us a check or some other type of donation, you may send to our office at 625 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210.














Donating FAQ

You can easily donate online by clicking the here. You can email us at info@gchh.org.

You’ll receive a printed tax receipt 5-20 days from the date of your gift. This document is adequate for tax purposes.
If you donated online, you’ll receive both an email confirmation.

Our Federal Identification Number, also known as Employer Identification Number (EIN), is 27-1820542

Our Arizona Corporation Commission File number is 15758550

Our official date of incorporation is 01/13/2010

You can email us at info@gchh.org.

Yes. GCHH is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax-deductible.

All funding goes to the sustainability of the organization and it’s hard costs of operation. All of the activities conducted are part of our ongoing programs, therefore 100% of any funds gifted go towards these programs.

Here at GCHH we will consider any and all kinds of dontations. If you wish to give items such as supplies, food, clothing, or anything at all please contact us at info@gchh.org.

Yes! Fundraising events are a great way to raise awareness and support for our causes. For more resources and information on how to organize a fundraiser for GCHH, please contact us at info@gchh.org. Please use ‘fundraiser’ in the subject line of your email.