Downloadable Resources

our free ebooks are available for download here

Written by Joseph L. Chiappetta, our free ebooks are available for download here and cover a range of educational topics such as:

  • The Value of Integrity,
  • Goal Setting & Job Skills,
  • Tips for Interviewing,
  • Job Search Techniques,
  • Apprenticeship Programs,
  • Saving and Investing,
  • Complete Credit Repair Guide,
  • Setting & Maintaining a Budget,
  • Understanding Insurance,
  • Federal Bonding and Tax Credits,
  • Special Section on Small Business & Entrepreneurship,
  • Success Strategies for Ex-Offenders.

From Here to the Streets

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

An evidence based resource for Department of Corrections Supervisors, Administrators, Teachers, or offenders involved in self-study. Successfully taught to over 1000 inmates during a 72-month period in a higher security corrections setting.

Report Cards to Pay Checks

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

A reference on preparing for a future, designed to give you encouragement, ideas, and tools to do just that.

For ages 14-24

Ex-Offender Employment Re-Entry Guide

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

Ex-Offender Employment Re-Entry Guide, Where to Start, Work Related Values, Skills Analysis, Job Market, Effective Job Search Strategies, Applications and Resumes, Interviewing, and Federal Bonding.

Occupational Salaries & Overviews

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

A resource index of Careers by Job Category Occupational, Description, Interest Area, and Wages (per month).

Comprehisive Credit Repair

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

A comprehensive credit repair guide. Effective strategies and techniques to manage, resolve, and repair outstanding issues in credit histories.

Cash Resources for Individuals and Businesses

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

A detailed reference for government assistance programs for monetary aid and guidence. Also includes additional resources for entrepreneurs.

Making a Personal Game Plan for Your Release

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

Prison Living: Making a “Personal Game Plan” for Your Release Date

Fortune News Article - 10/1/06

By Joseph Chiappetta Jr.

Pre-Release and Employability Programs Discourage Recidivism