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Empowering Disabled & At-Risk Veterans

GCHH will launch a special Veterans Outreach Program specifically targeted at treating opioid addiction, depression, and chronic pain. We are also initiating a program to provide transitional housing for homeless veterans and their families. These programs are being funded by the GCHH raffles currently underway. For more information about our Veterans’ Services and one-on-one mentoring, please contact us.

Triple Crown Senior Support - "Disrupting Aging Models"

The Triple Crown Trail Project is one hiker achieving a monumental goal of completing roughly 7,900 miles of trails but it is also much more. This project will also provide video of all three trails…the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail using a mosaic approach from volunteers who will be asked to hike along various trail sections with Michael Fagan during his attempt. This project truly embodies the paradigm that age is just a number, and that aging can be just another part of the way we manage our health. Did we mention our volunteer hiker Michael is 71 years old!?

Supporting At-Risk Women in Need of Assistance

GCHH has several programs and funding projects underway to support at-risk women in need of assistance. This assistance includes one-on-one mentoring, critical information and resources, and a “safe transitional housing” project with our strategic partners at  (SCI). For more information, please contact us.

Low-Cost Housing Solutions Utilizing Recycled Shipping Containers

GCHH has partnered with Southwestern Connections, Inc. to create low-cost housing solutions utilizing recycled shipping containers has both building infrastructure for specialized transitional housing and actual homes/residences for qualified applicants. This, and several other housing development programs, are currently being funded by the GCHH Raffles. For more information, please contact us.

Promoting Agricultural Entrepreneurship

By partnering with Southwestern Connections, Inc. and utilizing their relationship with the University of Arizona and the Green Career Mixers, GCHH is currently raising funds to foster agricultural entrepreneurship, which will have the added benefit of promoting agricultural internships. For more information on upcoming projects and internship opportunities, please contact us.

Creating Sustainable Lifestyles

GCHH and Southwestern Connections, Inc. are working together to create sustainable lifestyles that revolve around the Micro-Farm Agrihood concept. Southwestern Connections, Inc. is spearheading a movement to revitalize failing farming communities throughout the southwest by utilizing an incredible opportunity with alga-preneurship. Please visit their website to learn more about this amazing opportunity due to break ground in Arizona in 2019.

Re-Entry Resources and Assistance

We provide a wide variety of different outreach support and services.

GCHH has been assisting individuals with their transition from incarceration back into the community since our organization’s inception in 2010. Currently the GCHH Ex-Offender Volunteer Program has a 100% success rate among its lead Peer Mentor/Educators with a 0% recidivism rate. 

Among the many participants in this program who benefit from one-on-one mentoring, classes, and program resources, those individuals who applied themselves diligently currently have a success rate of reintegration in the high 90% with a recidivism rate of 9-13%.

If you are a former inmate “Alumni”, we invite you to utilize our resources on From Here to the Streets, contact us to arrange a one-on-one mentoring session, or visit during our open hours at our new offices in Phoenix. Contact us for details.

Re-Entry Resources and Assistance - Q&A

GCHH works with other organizations that provide resources to special needs groups, including ex-offenders. The primary duty for a GCHH ex-offender volunteer is to document and share his or her interactions with the many organizations that provide resource opportunities for inmates upon their release. GCHH ex-offender volunteers also donate their time collecting new information that can be added to the list of resources provided to offenders prior to their release. They also make themselves available for community betterment activities such as our ongoing participation with the American Cancer Society/Relay for Life events, Restore to Life, Inc. Employment Placement Services, and other similar activities for local nonprofit ventures.

GCHH volunteers learn important lessons and skills in resource gathering and networking. Their service hours to the non-profit are documented, and they are the first candidates considered for any available job opportunities.

There are currently none available at this time, but GCHH is currently working on creating opportunities for 2017.

The TRS Reentry Initiative is a proposed 2019 project that will provide intensive full-service transitional support for up to 100 soon-to-be-released offenders in Arizona. This support begins one year prior to their release and continues on through one year following their release. The first year includes one-on-one mentorship from certified Peer Educators who guide the participants through carefully chosen evidence-based classes and activities. The second year of support begins with housing, employment, health insurance, transportation, educational opportunities, substance abuse programming, and food.

To address the problem of recidivism, GCHH is spearheading an effort called the TRS Reentry Initiative. GCHH is working with Peer Education programs in prisons throughout the state of Arizona to educate, motivate, and inspire inmates.

GCHH sponsors, which is a free resource dedicated to reentry and reintegration. Many resources are available there, including a downloadable version of the publication by Joseph L. Chiappetta titled From Here to the Streets, which covers topics like: The Value of Integrity, Goal Setting & Job Skills, Tips for Interviewing, Job Search Techniques, Apprenticeship Programs, Saving and Investing, Complete Credit Repair Guide, Setting & Maintaining a Budget, Understanding Insurance, Federal Bonding and Tax Credits, Special Section on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, and Success Strategies for Ex-Offenders.

Peer Education is a program available in many Arizona State prisons where specially trained and certified inmates volunteer their time to assist in a number of different capacities, including health education, class facilitation, and one-on-one mentoring.

GCHH believes that addressing issues of addiction and criminal thinking, as well as educating individuals on various topics, including health, nutrition, and money management—especially during their incarceration—is a keystone to an ex-offender’s successful reintegration to society. The Peer Education program, backed by the GCHH non-profit, makes this possible.

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